At The Orchid Kitchen, I bring my expertise as a Michelin Star-trained pastry chef to create truly indulgent flavor combinations. It's all about taste at the forefront, while the beautiful outer shell adds that extra touch of luxury. Indulge in simplicity redefined.

Every season I create an exciting and fresh new set of signature cake flavours.

Tasting boxes are available on request. A list of my signature cake flavours is available following the link below. Gluten free and vegan options are also available on request.

No matter the type of wedding you are planning. I will be delighted and honoured to create something truly unique for you! Many factors go into the price of your cake such as size, quantity of sugar flowers, flavours, and design complexity of your cake. However, this will give you an idea of the base cost of my cakes.

For more information on how to order your contemporary wedding cake, you can familiarise yourself with our process by following the link below. And in case of any further questions, I would be happy to answer any of your question!

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